Sky Network’s New VR App Allows Users to Experience Innovative Content

Europe’s Sky Network launches a new virtual reality app that invites users to “experience” moments unlike before.

It seems that if you are a content producing company in today’s day and age, and you do not have a virtual reality component, you are most likely way behind the times. In a recent exposure to new technology, virtual realty has taken over countless digital environments. From IMAX to musicians, virtual reality is becoming a typical way to create innovative and intriguing content. In a new venture for Rupert Murdoch’s European based, pay for television, Sky Network, virtual reality has invaded their way of production.

In a new mobile app, Sky VR, audiences will have the capability to immerse themselves in never before produced content, exclusive to Sky. Managing Director of Content at Sky, Gary Davey, said “Interest in VR content is building, generating more excitement every day. We are just at the beginning of our VR journey at Sky, launching Sky VR studios earlier this year, and we are already breaking new ground. Now comes the creative challenge of deploying this immersive experience with engaging storytelling.”

Debuting new “experiences,” Sky VR will feature various types of content, with a range in topics from sports to news. Showcasing about twenty 360 degree videos, this app will invite audiences into a world never before seen. Soccer superstar, David Beckham has teamed up with Sky to produce “Sky Sports: Closer,” which will give viewers an inside look into sports events and content. With footage created by Beckham, in association with Sky VR Studios and a collaborated effort with Google, audiences are transported to sporting events in ways that haven’t been explored. Beckham said, “It was great to work with Sky and Google on this film to launch the new Sky Virtual Reality app. The team from the Sky VR studio came up with an incredible concept that shows the range of sport Sky offers. Being able to take other sports fans on a journey into some of the world’s biggest sporting events was a unique opportunity.”

In addition to showcasing its sporting aspects, Sky VR will explore exclusive commissioned content that includes “Sky News: U.S. Elections,” and “Tutankhamun’s Tomb – The Search for Nefertiti.” Currently, audiences can experience a performance from the English National Ballet’s production of Giselle, amongst other immersive videos. Sky will also open is production to other companies to allow an expansive and coherent supply of creative digital media. Disney, Fox Innovation Labs, Warner Brothers, and Baobab Studios are among several other studios that will also produce content for the app.

Compatible with Android, iPhone, and Oculus, Sky VR is available for free, and will continue to grow its content by the end of the month.

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Thomas DeVito

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