Sony Pictures and Reality One Team Up to Produce VR Content

Virtual Reality content expands with the help of Sony Pictures’ partnership with Reality One, in an effort to produce narrative and innovative experiences specific for VR platforms and systems.

Sony Pictures, as well as other big name studios and companies, are branching out and immersing their future content production in pioneering storytelling platforms. With the help of Reality One, Sony Pictures will begin to produce virtual reality content with a debut outlook towards the end of this year. While no featured projects have been announced just yet, we can presume that this content will be in association with whatever media releases are planned around the time of execution.

Reality One, which was co-founded by Gigi Pritzker and Clint Kisker in 2015, is quickly gaining the much sought out momentum that companies need in order for virtual reality to stick. Their first venture was co-producing and co-publishing Iron Man director, Jon Favreau’s Gnomes and Goblins, a platform that transports viewers into a magical forest glistening with fantasy. Chairman of Sony Pictures Motion Group, Tom Rothman commented,“Sony is a company born of technological innovation and SPE born of storytelling. VR is the next frontier in the intersection of those two forces and today we join Madison Wells’ Reality One, who has already done some of the coolest stuff out there, to push those boundaries. Fun!” It seems that virtual reality will be the forefront in production for many companies as this newfound technology grows and expands to include more content and creation. And Sony Pictures is no stranger to VR experiences. Earlier this year, they launched virtual reality platforms for The Walk and Ghostbusters as a way to dominate, as well as promote their marketing for each film. As virtual reality becomes more accessible to audiences, companies will be able to reach more viewers over the course of various platforms.

With a focus on upcoming films and featured franchises, Sony Pictures and Reality One expects this project to generate enhanced content, while drawing in new audiences and revenue. Senior VP of Virtual Reality at Sony Pictures, Jake Zim stated, “Through this groundbreaking pact with Reality One, Sony Pictures will expand our efforts to develop new audiences and new revenue from our studio’s content…and explore exciting opportunities for high-quality, interactive storytelling in this new medium.” Gathering the best raconteurs from around the world, both companies will work closely to build narrative, both from previous content and original ideas, for the studio’s virtual realty group in conjunction with the distribution team. Gigi Pritzker expressed that its Reality One’s prerogative, “to create immersive content from the world’s best storytellers and we believe this landmark partnership will allow both Sony Pictures and Reality One to take maximum advantage of Sony’s wealth of intellectual property, relationships with established storytellers and willingness to experiment with new technologies.”

While there is no exact release date for Sony Pictures and Reality One’s project, we can expect to see some form of virtual reality content being released in the next few months.

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Thomas DeVito

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