Superstar DJ Steve Aoki Jumps In On Netflix

By Any Means Necessary, DJ Aoki Shares His Thrill and Passion on Netflix Steve Aoki cakes his way to Netflix in this documentary, “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead,” sharing his story about how he became the iconic DJ that surfs on crowds and became well-known in pop culture.

“I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” explores the life of Steve Aoki, starting from his roots in Newport Beach, California, to his grand performance in Los Angeles. Although he became successful in his music career, he didn’t inherit the passion for music. He developed that passion, and he even made a name for himself in the music industry.

The film follows Steve Aoki, an American DJ and record producer born from Japanese parents. His father, Rocky Aoki, was the founder of Benihana and daredevil. Aoki described his father as “crazy” because he attempted so many stunts, even injuries didn’t stop him from doing what he loved. Growing up, Aoki saw his father’s success through his fancy lifestyle and growing popularity on TV. Rocky made a name for himself through his restaurant and his outrageous stunts. However, Steve Aoki didn’t follow his path.

While he attended University of California in Santa Barbara, he found his label, Dim Mak, from his dorm and created do-it-yourself music for his gigs with other bands in college. Aoki saw potential in his record label, but didn’t receive any support from his father. Therefore, Aoki took it upon himself to prove that he can be successful with music.

Besides the lack of support from his father, he received negative criticism through social media, stating that he has changed his path in music, and that he wasn’t any good in his projects. He was affected by those comments because he took his music seriously, but the comments in the social media sites didn’t stop him from what he loved. Instead, he was driven to do better and to bring more to the table. supported Aoki’s style of music, and made a strong point about how people feel about Aoki; they didn’t like his style of music because they couldn’t do what Aoki did as a DJ.

Aoki’s story is not only exciting and thrilling, but also heartbreaking. Aoki lost not only his father to pneumonia, but he also lost a good friend to drug overdose. Both Rocky and DJ AM, real name Adam Goldstein, inspired him to use adrenaline in performing his music, but also showing discipline for his life. From the film, his story inspires people to never give up on the things they love, whether it’s stunts or music.

From the beginning to the end, the film has succeeded in telling the story of Steve Aoki and his complex, yet thrilling, journey into his career. The film reveals Steve Aoki’s struggle with fitting into society, and trying to convince his father that he can be successful in music. The film’s director, Justin Krook, successfully captures Aoki’s drive in his performance and the complexity of his youth. Aoki lives up to his motto, “By any means necessary,” demonstrating that nothing and no one shall hinder each other from pursuing their dreams.

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Kathryn Oliver

Kathryn Oliver studied English and Linguistics at Florida Atlantic University. With her diverse background, she hopes to inspire people to look at life at a different light with her stories and her characters. She enjoys collecting books, music, movies, and even office supplies. She is currently studying Korean as a hobby, and she hopes to add it as her third language.