The Era of the Teen Drama (Part 2)

In part one of this article mini series, it was about the first two teen dramas to bless our tv screens. But now, it’s time to talk about the next couple that fell into our laps, following Beverley Hills 90210, and Dawson’s Creek. These are none other than One Tree Hill, and Gossip Girl. Obviously there are much more that I am missing, but these are the ones I feel truly made a big impact on the television screens, (and that sadly, have been canceled.)

One Tree Hill directly followed Dawson’s Creek. Some say that it was set up to go directly after it. Now they have no relation to each other at all besides the fact that they are teen dramas, but there are similarities in their writing.

However, there are many differences as well, for example One Tree Hill is about two brothers with the same father, one who the father abandoned, but both share a love of basketball. Things get intense when Lucas Scott (the son who father Dan Scott abandoned,) joins the basketball team the Ravens, where Nathan Scott (the son who Dan Scott raised) is captain. There is much drama to this show, between love triangles, relationship drama, family drama, and overall just way to much drama for a teen to be able to handle. But, that is what makes it so addicting. Fans were dying to know what was happening with the main couple, with their careers and with everything in between.  One Tree Hill was an absolute fan favorite, and it also left its mark on the teen drama world.

Then around the same time was Gossip Girl, and fans of the teen drama went crazy over that. Gossip Girl was every teenage girls dream, because it was exactly what they wanted to be. Rich, with a good wardrobe, hot guys, living in NYC, and being on the A-list for everything. It was more then just the fashion that kept fans hooked though, it was the dynamic of relationships between family and even boyfriends and girlfriends. The bad boy (Chuck Bass,) who turned good for the only girl he will ever love (Blair Waldorf.) The poor boy (Dan Humphrey) who does nothing but judge the world of the Upper East Sides, elite but falls in love with it girl (Serena Vander Woodsen) and finds himself stuck in that world forever. There was so much about this show to love, and as teen dramas good it definitely kept its end of the bargain by making teens addicted everywhere.

So maybe based off of these two shows (and the other two that were in the previous article,) the teen drama is so successful because it makes teens jealous. It is the life that teens (or older people who watch them like me,) won’t admit that they really want. Who wouldn’t love to be rich and live in NYC? Who wouldn’t want to be the most popular person on the basketball team? Even if that isn’t what you want write now, during the age that these shows are set in, it is probably everything we ever wanted.

So, the teen drama keeps fans hooked simply because we grow attached to the characters, but also maybe because we see a little bit of ourselves (or our desires,) in every one of them.

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Taylor Ahern

Hi my name is Taylor Ahern. I am a student at Wagner College studying English. I love to write about pop culture and what I think the younger generation is very interested in. I love tv and it is my dream to eventually write a show or even a movie one day. I hope my articles keep you interested (: