The Era of the Teen Drama (Part 3)

In this finale article of the 3 part series, the last two teen dramas to focus on are The Vampire Diaries, and Pretty Little Liars. (Obviously like I said in the previous article, there are many teen dramas that have been on television before and after all of the shows I’ve written about, but I feel that these are the ones that are making the most impact.) Focusing on these two is important because they are different then just the normal teen dramas, we all know and love.

The Vampire Diaries, premiered on The CW in 2009 and has currently been on for 7 seasons, going on its 8th which will also be its last. The show was about two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon, who fall in love with a human named Elena. Although the show focuses heavily on the supernatural, bringing in not only more vampires, but also werewolves, dopplegangers, and witches. Aside from the fact that they are teenagers in high school for the beginning of the series, it fits the realm of the teen drama simply because of the dramatic speeches and the love triangle between the two brothers and Elena. Supernatural aside, based off of the dramatics, it is no different then One Tree Hill, or Dawson’s Creek.

Pretty Little Liars, is another teen drama that started in 2010, and is overall very different from the average one, but is also kind of the same. Four friends are tormented by texts from an anonymous sender “A” because of the disappearance of their friend. There are many twists and turns, A is not just one person but a whole team, there is relationship drama, and scary events that lead to more murders. But overall, the crux of the show is based off of the relationships the girls have with their significant others, making fans want also to know who A is, but also which couple will be able to last through the secret person who is trying to tear them apart.

So, in this three part article series, it is not hard to tell that teen dramas overall are pretty much all the same. Yes, there are different plots, vampires, dads with estranged sons, an anonymous tormentor, but overall the goal is about the relationships that the main characters form on each show. For example in One Tree Hill the main couple is Nathan and Haley, and whenever they had a rocky moment fans were just dying to know if they would last (spoiler alert: they did if course.)

These couple scenes are nothing less than dramatic, and because of the age that shows are set in, teens everywhere wish they had a Chuck Bass (from Gossip Girl) or a Caleb Rivers (from Pretty Little Liars), where at eighteen they are professing their true love in a way that typical does not happen in the real world.

So, teen dramas can be more then something to binge watch (obviously that is number one reason they are good,) but they can also give viewers a sense of hope, a sense of nostalgia, and maybe even an escape if anyone is suffering from a hard time.

Go on and watch your favorite teen drama. Indulge in the long speeches from the boys who love the girls so much from day one and just have to be with her, and the high school life that is so drama filled, you will wish you lived in their town. All in all, live in your favorite teen drama, just like it is your own world.

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Taylor Ahern

Hi my name is Taylor Ahern. I am a student at Wagner College studying English. I love to write about pop culture and what I think the younger generation is very interested in. I love tv and it is my dream to eventually write a show or even a movie one day. I hope my articles keep you interested (: