The Mindy Project and Creator Mindy Kaling

On September 25, 2012, Mindy Kaling launched her own television series on Fox called The Mindy Project. She already had a pretty decent fan base because of her role as Kelly Kapoor on the hit comedy The Office.

In both shows that she starred in, she was not just an actress, but also an executive producer, writer, and even a director. However, in her very own show The Mindy Project, she plays a different character then she played on The Office.

On The Mindy Project, she is a doctor who works in NYC. Throughout the show, she is trying to tackle being a professional doctor, but also a balanced woman in her social life. The show is also set to be a romantic drama, because she falls in love with her best friend and co-worker, Danny. But, the show also focuses on her platonic and “professional” relationships with multiple co-workers who are other doctors, and nurses, and even a receptionist (we can almost bet she was inspired by her former television show to but a strong receptionist character.)

The show seemed to have a pretty good run, it ran on Fox every Tuesday night, until March 24, 2015. Fans (like me) were shocked and kind of upset that the show was already going to be cancelled just after three short seasons. However, that’s when Hulu (thankfully) stepped in, and just a short while later in May of 2015, decided to make a fourth season with twenty-six brand new episodes. Fans were thrilled they were able to stream The Mindy Project and they were even more thrilled when it was decided this May that Hulu was going to do a fifth season.

So what is it that has this show so successful? Well for starters it is not hard to like Mindy Kaling. She is funny, but yet smart at the same time. The way that she portrays her character in both The Mindy Project and The Office, are something that girls around her age can relate to. For example, in The Mindy Project, she is a doctor—someone who is relatively looked at as the epitome of success, (which is what pretty much everyone strives for,) but she is also a little bit of a mess with her personal life. She is always trying to balance her relationship troubles, with her work life, and her social life while trying to be a well-rounded, person. Just because her character is a “doctor” does not by any means, signify that she has it altogether.

That is something very important to the young adult audience that the show definitely does attract. Coming from a time in your life where you feel like you should have it altogether and you don’t can be pretty stressful, so when someone you idolize is struggling and even has a successful high paying job (and they do it with humor) it helps to see that you can and will be okay.

So, when watching The Mindy Project, you will laugh, you will fall in love, and you may even be driven to try to keep your life on track as much as possible, just like Mindy Kaling herself (both doctor, and writer, executive producer, and director.)

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Taylor Ahern

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