TREPLEV Monologue by Anton Chekhov

The Seagull Play Synopsis

TREPLEV:  It all started that evening when my play was such a stupid flop.  Women can’t forgive failure.  I’ve burnt the thing, every scrap of it.  if you only knew how wretched I am.  your coldness terrifies me, I can’t believe it, it’s as if I’d woken up and found this lake had suddenly dried up or soaked into the ground.  You say you’re too simple to understand me, but what is there to understand?  My play failed, and you despise my inspiration and think me a dreary nonentity like so many others.  [Stamping.] All this is only too clear.  It’s as if someone had banged a nail into my brain, damn it–and damn the selfishness that seems to suck my blood like a vampire.  [Spotting Trigorin, who walks in reading a book.]  There’s genius for you.  Struts about like Hamlet.  Carries a book too.  [Sarcastically.]  ‘Words, words, words.’   The great luminary hasn’t come near you yet, but you’re smiling already, your whole expression has melted in his rays.  i won’t stand in your way.  [Goes out quickly.]


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