Tribeca Film Festival to Include Expanding Mediums of Content Creation for 2017 Submissions

Tribeca Film Festival announced recently that they are expanding submissions to include virtual reality, episodic television, and digital entertainment.

Founded in 2002, Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, and Craig Hatkoff crafted the Tribeca Film Festival in an effort to bring back the livelihood of this Lower Manhattan community after the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001. Since than, it has grown into an exclusive way for independent filmmakers and entertainers to showcase their work, and has annually generated over $600 million. Warranting an audience of over 3 million people, and with the appearances of high listed celebrities in attendance, this festival offers an astounding entryway into the entertainment industry.

Since this year, submissions to the festival have included feature films, documentaries, short movies, Storyscapes, and recently launched ‘The Tribeca X Award.’ But for 2017, it was revealed that the Tribeca Film Festival would be opening its doors to submissions of virtual reality, episodic television, and digital entertainment. In a press release, it was announced that, “Creators can submit work to debut at the Festival’s industry leading Virtual Arcade (virtual reality, 360 films, and augmented reality), the highly successful television section (episodic storytelling, anticipated premieres, and independent pilots), and N.O.W. program (new online work, stories created specifically for the online space).”

In the past, the Tribeca Film Festival has increased the participation with their immersive events, comprised of a wide variety of entertainment and diversion. During 2016’s festival, Tribeca also hosted a 40th anniversary screening of Taxi Driver, which after included a talk with Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, and the rest of the film’s cast. With the Tribeca Festival Hub, those in attendance got to experience special Q and A’s with filmmakers and content creators, special debut screenings, and a newly added Virtual Arcade. While it wasn’t eligable for competition, the new additions of these expanding forms of content have diversified, and it many ways strengthened the running for festival awards.

Tribeca Film Festival has been named the first major festival to include virtual reality submissions, giving creators an open outlet in New York to showcase their innovative creations. And as these areas of immersive content continue to grown and increase with advancing technology and creativity, is should not become shocking that festivals around the globe will embrace these mediums as well. Festival Director Genna Terranova stated, “As the technology and tools proliferate in the creative community and new distribution models emerge we feel it is the right time to expand and support artists on these growing platforms in a broader way.” With an upsurge interest in virtual reality and digital storytelling, it is likely to see increased interest in other means of creation added to future festivals.

Submissions for the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival are set to open on September 6th, 2016, and will continue through the end of this year. It was also announced that the festival will run from April 19th – 30th, 2017, marking its sixteenth year in New York City.

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Thomas DeVito

Thomas, who studied English at SUNY Oswego, is an aspiring screenwriter and a Contributing Writer Intern for the Monologue Blogger. When not typing away at his computer, he can be found watching the latest films, or reading the newest bestseller. Unfortunately, he is unrelated to Danny DeVito.