Venomous Sandboarders

In this Venomous Sandboarders monologue, SETH talks to his buddy about getting into the sandboard culture with him.

SETH:  My dream is to sandboard around the world, brother.  I want to travel to exotic places like Egypt, Peru and Australia and just coast down the dunes in absolute bliss and oblivion. There’s something about it that goes beyond man, some kind of spiritual thing for me and it’s dope.  When you first try it, you are finally gonna be set completely free.  Sometimes, there’s a moment when I just close my eyes, stretch out my arms and let life do whatever it wants to me.  I give myself over to what’s bigger than me, I suppose.


Sandboards?  I told you already man, my boy makes them in his garage.  We will stop over there now so you can check out what he does.  You can get a sand board from Josh for like half the price man and his sandboards are tight.


Man, so happy you’re getting into this with me.  It’s gonna be sick!  It’s time to get venomous biatches!

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Joseph Arnone

Joseph Arnone is a filmmaker and founder of Monologue Blogger.

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