When Reality Takes Hold of Fantasy

A window into the life or MIRANDA, a woman who lives her life for her family and is now experiencing inner conflict between her former and current self.

MIRANDA:  I’m a good woman.  I like to think of myself as a good woman.  I try to play by the rules, the common rules, the rules that most of us seem to follow…but, there are times when I want to throw caution to the wind.  But you see, I have two children, a wonderful husband, a nice home, car…I’ve been a stay at home Mother since my kids were born…it was our arrangement, Dave, my husband, we decided that we would have kids and I wouldn’t work, not that I didn’t want to but strictly because he didn’t want me to…sort of the man pride thing I guess…not sure if that should even exist today…but I sacrificed my career for my family and to be quite honest with you, I’ve imagined the exact life I’m living in right now and I never knew just how absolutely boring as all hell it would all be.  I mean, the absolute monotony of it all, is completely devastating to what I previously imagined.  The fantasy never takes hold of the reality.  Notice that?  …We should.

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Joseph Arnone

Joseph Arnone is a filmmaker and founder of Monologue Blogger.

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