YouTube Gives Creator Hub Needed Makeover

YouTube has been working hard at improving its internal resources for their video creators.  There is a new generation of YouTubers hitting the ‘channel’ scene and YouTube wants to be sure they receive such newbies into their programs more accurately.  This strategy can pay off by having a nurturing aspect to up and coming creators and will increase brand loyalty for YouTube.

If you are a new YouTuber fresh out of the gate, you will have a reasonable amount of access to resources to give you some useful guidance with getting started.  As you grow your channel, you will unlock additional benefits based on the amount of subscribers you have.  As you grow your subscribers, you can attend workshops and events, speak with YouTube partner managers and eventually get assigned your own manager when you reach 100,000 subs.

Pretty cool.

YouTube has given its Creators Hub a makeover by providing a solid foundation of resources creators can rely on in the following three ways:

  • Improved one-on-one support: One of the elements lacking from YouTube was a more immediate and human connection to questions that were being asked by creators.  Creators weren’t satisfied with the responses they would receive or the information that was available on the Creators Hub site.  YouTube has now expanded its one-on-one support to give creators the help, advice and support they need to grow with YouTube.  Now you can get answers faster and more easily.
  • Enhanced Creator Hub:  There’s been a makeover for the YouTube Creator Hub which is the place to visit to discover all programs and resources.  There are guides on how you can connect with the creator community and learn about additional tools you can use to help grow your channel.
  • Added feature – ‘YouTube for Creators’: What has been added to the Creator Hub is a new launching of what is called, YouTube for Creators.  This is a multi-level benefits program, which means that as you grow your channel, you will have increased resources to aid you.  There will be new levels of benefits unlocked as you build your subscriber numbers.  This is helping creators gain incentive and encouraging them to work harder on their channels, which is a good way for YouTube to keep their creators loyal and excited.

There are other updates made available for creators such as Comment controls.  YouTube is giving creators more power over how they wish to delegate moderation on the comments left on their channel.  This is important because there are a ton of trolls out there that bring a negative vibe to a community channel and this is a great way for creators to have more of a say over such trolling.   By giving creators a more dominant control over managing their user comments, will help keep the YouTube community overall in better shape.  Creators can add a moderator for their channel.

YouTube is also taking a closer look into how they want to go about issuing penalties for creators.  They’ve admitted that sometimes when a creator receives a penalty, perhaps it wasn’t the most effective way for it to have been warranted.  Therefore, YouTube is taking steps to improve creator penalties. You can keep an eye on their progress.

Overall, YouTube certainly values their creator community and the are taking the needed steps to keep their creator base strong and happy.

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Joseph Arnone

Joseph Arnone is the founding editor-in-chief of Monologue Blogger. In addition to running MB, Joseph is a filmmaker/producer who has had his films premiere at Festival de Cannes - Court Metrage and Tribeca Cinema's Big Apple Film Festival.