“Tell Me, Sam” (drama) 2 Minutes

Monoscription:  Carol is has an alcoholic husband.  His behavior when he’s drunk endangers the lives of her and their two children. Situations are consistently getting worse and Carol has decided to sit and talk with her husband Sam about a life changing decision they must make together.

CAROL: I want you to stop drinking…when you drink, you become a different person.  You get this look in your eyes that isn’t you…your face takes on a different persona and I recognize a man I don’t love…a man that frightens me.  He’s evil.  (beat)  You need to put our children first.  Davey is scared of you.  You don’t remember…last night you pushed him into the Christmas tree, knocking both him and the tree down to the floor; fixtures breaking and—yeah, you woke up and cleaned it up the mess but that doesn’t clean up the real mess…our daughter is flunking out of every subject in school and she is going to be left behind.  Did you know that? (beat) I can’t do this alone anymore…you’re killing us.  You have a problem, a problem that is taking over our home, our happiness.  (beat)  I’ve loved you long enough to cope with this…kept thinking that it would get better, that you would change…kept believing…tricking myself into thinking everything is fine when you’re sober but then…—How many promises can you make?  (beat)  How long do you expect me to stick around before it’s too late, Sam?  I’m tired of your excuses, tired of giving you so many chances…WHEN?!  …When?

I want you to go for help.  STOP IT!  STOP and listen!  I want you to go and get help…you are an alcoholic and you have a family here that loves you and you need to seek counseling.  That’s it.  If you can’t do this for us, for me…your children…yourself…Sam, oh Sam…I’m taking the kids and we are leaving you.

I have this pamphlet. (she hands him pamphlet) I spent some time with these people the other day while the kids were at school.  They seem really wonderful…don’t get angry, don’t even think about it…I spoke to them and I told them our situation and they want to meet you.

Tell me you will do this.  Tell me we will go this Monday morning. Tell me, Sam.  Please.

(she gets up)

I want you to read this over.  I AM NOT PLAYING WITH YOU! (beat)  Read this over carefully and make your choice.  I am going to my Mothers with the kids for the weekend.  No, no, stop Sam..I don’t want to hear it, I am through with it. No more.  You take the time you need to think everything over.  Come and say goodbye to your children, they are in the car waiting for me.  They don’t understand and we will say you have some overtime at work…blame it on your job.  This should help you mull this over properly.

Monday…..Let’s go.

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Joseph Arnone

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